Chinese dramas are now starting to rise and attract a lot of interest from drama lovers. The storylines that are presented also have many genres and also storylines that are no less interesting than Korean dramas. Unfortunately, it’s still quite difficult to find Chinese dramas with good subtitles.

Do you still remember the Chinese drama Meteor Garden with 4 handsome men with the nickname F4 which was popular in the 2000s? The whole world was excited about it, there are even lots of F4 versions of dramas from each country, including Indonesia and Korea with their version of F4 in a drama called Boys over Flowers.

Even though until now the popularity of C-dramas cannot be compared to Korean dramas, at this time many sites or websites have started providing services to watch C-dramas even for free. This will really help you kill time or help you to reduce your stress level due to work problems, and in the end, it will impact your mental health, and of course, this is very good right?

For those of you who are starting to be interested in C-drama, here are some sites, websites, or applications that you can use as references, or you can also try Googling to be able to find more and interesting references.

1. iQYi

You probably won’t find a complete list of C-dramas here, but you can still find C-dramas that were popular at the time, so this will be quite healing.

iQYi provides services for VIP customers and free users. The difference is only in the speed of updating the latest episodes, as a free user you may have seen that the updated drama is already available, but those who can watch it live are VIP users, while free users need to wait a few days. This is a good site because it’s legal and the subtitles update pretty fast.

2. WeTV

These are other legal applications and websites that provide C-drama viewing services that you can choose from, you will also be provided with a large selection of dramas from various other countries such as Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, and also anime.

WeTV also provides services for VIP users and free users, but you need to know that all shows there will turn into free shows if the shows are over, so you just need to be more patient so you can enjoy the drama of your choice for free without subscription fees.

3. Viki Rakuten

This application or website also allows you to watch dramas with good-quality English subtitles. The best thing that you can find here is that this application was made with the help of C-drama fans who provide accurate and good subtitles so that they are easy to understand.

You can already enjoy the latest dramas that are equipped with subtitles. Some drama choices do require a Viki pass to watch, but still, there are the best drama choices that are still available without requiring a Viki pass.

4. NewAsianTV

This website will provide you with lots of dramas, from the newest to even the old ones, so you could say that the drama collection is complete and you can be confused by the many interesting choices. Dramas are also available in English, Hindi, Telugu, and Bengali.

This is the right website for those of you who love modern or historical Chinese dramas. But you are advised to install an ad blocker so you can avoid pop-up ad attacks which really interfere with your satisfaction in watching dramas.

5. KissAsian

For those of you who love K-dramas, C-dramas, anime, and Japanese TV shows, of course, you are no strangers to this website. You are lucky enough to find it because it allows you access to the latest and greatest content.

6. Dramacool

This web is also one of the most visited by K-drama and C-drama lovers. Just by entering it, you will get access to view a lot of interesting and updated content.

There are a lot of dramas from various years and even the newest are available on this site. If a drama is released, then you will find that it is available on Dramacool in no time and subtitles will be available 24 hours after, and the picture quality is also good.

You can also find references in Google where you are provided with many complete choices that can make you interested.

  1. Asian Crush

This is the site that is most loved by C-drama lovers because this site will provide so much content that seems endless and also the picture quality and subtitles are good. You also won’t be bothered by the many pop-ads that make a lot of people angry and annoyed by it.

8. Fall Drama

This is one of the best drama-watching websites. You can enjoy various types of films from various countries, including enjoying C-dramas. You can also get subtitles quickly and in good quality.

You will not be charged anything when streaming or downloading film content from there, whenever and wherever you are. You will be provided with a feature that can separate films based on the category you want to make searching easier. The quality of the images is also beyond doubt and deserves to be loved by many lovers of Korean and Chinese dramas and dramas from other countries.

9. YouTube

Actually, YouTube is not a drama provider as imagined, but because YouTube has become a huge platform for enhanced promotion; so many legal movie or drama producers make their official channel to upload their drama on this site.

The problem is that YouTube usually does not provide good and appropriate subtitles so this is quite annoying.

Those are some web and application recommendations for watching your favorite C-drama with various advantages and disadvantages, the most important thing is that all of these websites are available with free services that can make you relax at home without spending money. You can also find other references by Googling, and you can find additional references that you might not be able to find elsewhere.