Many of us may only think of watching movies as a hobby to just pass the time. But in reality, watching movies can actually provide more benefits than one might imagine. One of them is to maintain your mental health.

So how does it work when movies can improve mental health? Movies can be quite an effective diversion. This happens when a person can be carried away by the atmosphere and storyline contained in a film for duration of several hours, and during the duration of the film, your attention will be momentarily distracted and not constantly thinking about life’s problems. In fact, according to research, this kind of pause is meaningful enough to rest your heart and mind.

However, this diversion is only temporary, so it doesn’t mean that you then completely forget about the problem that you really should solve. In fact, watching movies of a certain duration and genre can refresh your brain so you can work better again.

Watching Movie to Express Yourself

Most people would prefer to hide or dissolve in solitude when they are feeling frustrated or in a bad mental state. We know that it’s no better than watching a movie, by watching a movie you can be more entertained and forget about your problems for a while.

Watching movies might be able to help you to able to express pent-up expressions all this time, the way is by watching a film genre that is related to your life story or even choosing a film that can improve your mood, and also gives you a good inspiration to improve your mood and your quality of life. This happens because you can see many different perspectives conveyed in the film you watch.

It is undeniable that one of the benefits of movies for mental health is that movies can reduce the excessive stress that you might be experiencing and elevate your chaotic mood.

We have faced many kinds of challenges or pressures that we inevitably face in our daily lives, such as pressure at work, situations in the family that may not be good, problems with debt, monthly income, and so on. So refreshing and entertaining yourself is a wise choice.

Choose Comedy Movie is the Best Way

We can choose the genre of comedy film which is very clear will be able to improve our mood because we have also heard a lot that laughing out loud because of the influence of the comedy shown in the film can increase the hormones that create a feeling of happiness in the heart.

Indeed, fact, watching movies in the comedy genre is the most effective way and is mostly done by people who are looking for short entertainment. But you can also watch movies that can inspire you, for example about the story of a character’s struggle to achieve success or movies with superhero themes that can increase your heroism to help others, and you can see problems from another side.

Sometimes You Better Crying

You can also try the opposite way, namely by watching a film with a melodrama genre that will drain your tears. There is also research that states that tears are also very effective in providing relief to the heart. This can be supported by the selection of film genres with family themes, sadness, or those that are similar to the life story you are currently living.

When you feel entertained or distracted by the storyline of the film, you can also get a relaxing effect that you may not have noticed. As long as you don’t get too carried away and get too caught up in the storyline and know full well that this is just your way of having a relaxing effect on your brain and body, and then there won’t be any problems.

Do Not Be Too Into It

But it can also be a problem when you get too carried away and even the plot of the movie you are watching actually changes your mood for the worse because your feelings are swayed by the storyline, especially if the storyline is a romance drama or more like a melodrama. So it’s important to still understand the boundaries.

Those are some of the benefits of watching movies for mental health and reducing your anxiety, I hope the reviews above are useful and can inspire you in choosing the appropriate film genre.