Chinese dramas have a lot of fans, no less than Korean dramas, now Chinese dramas are starting to be loved by many people from various countries, not only in Southeast Asia. Many fans are waiting for Chinese dramas in 2023 with more interesting storylines and popular drama actors.

Many people start watching Chinese dramas because the storyline is more interesting. Moreover, there are lots of genres that you can choose from, from romance, and fantasy to kingdom stories which are quite interesting.
Not surprisingly, Chinese drama fans are now starting to arrive from many countries in the world. Of course, there are lots of the latest Chinese dramas that you must watch in 2023.

The Most Anticipated Chinese Dramas in 2023

Entering 2023, many producers have started shooting many of the newest dramas that you have to look forward to. After being popular with many drama titles in 2022, now there are lots of new Chinese dramas that will be released in 2023.

What are the newest dramas that we must look forward to? Here are some Chinese drama titles and brief synopsis that you need to know:

  • Road Home

One of the Chinese dramas in 2023 that you should look forward to is Road Home. This drama is about someone from the past who wants to reunite. The story in this drama begins with ex-lovers who separated 10 years ago and they meet again.

The lovers, namely Lu Yan Chen and Gui Xiao, finally met again. Their separation started when Lu Yan Chen joined the police academy, then Gui Xiao experienced drastic changes in his family.

Their relationship finally ended and they met again after 8 years. The meeting made them realize that they still love and miss each other. Then two years later, Gui Xiao and his friend were stranded in a snowy border town.

  • My Lethal Man

This story begins with Shen Man Ning who meets Zhuang Xin Yang because of a kidnapping. They end up living as fiancés and figuring out unsolved cases for 17 years.

  • Meet Yourself

The next Chinese dramas in 2023 that you must watch is titled Meet Yourself. This drama tells the story of a woman named Xu Hong Dou who has worked in a hotel all her life. Then suddenly he felt a deep sense of calamity, starting from the death of his best friend to the increasingly difficult job.

His messy life forced him to take a break from the city and move to the small village of Yun Miao in Yunnan province. Here, he tries to find peace in life and meets people who are also looking for peace in life from their problems.

  • Lost You Forever

This Chinese drama has an ancient background that tells of demons, goddesses, and other mythical creatures that coexist with humans. This story tells of a daughter Gao Xin Jiu Yao who disguises herself as a male doctor named Wen Xiao Liu.

  • Love Heals

This drama tells of Ruan Liu Zheng who is a doctor in his hometown and meets his ex-husband. Because of their past, they finally decided to carry out a humanitarian mission in Africa.

  • The Furthest Distance

This romantic Chinese drama genre is suitable for those of you who like today’s romance stories. The Furthest Distance tells of a doctor named Qin Yun Sheng who needs an interior design to renovate his house.

Finally, he met with an interior designer who will help to renovate his house. Su Ying was an interior designer figure she met while on a home renovation reality show.

  • Wonderful Hand

This Chinese drama tells the story of a brave and skilled doctor Lin Hao. His job as a doctor requires him to work with Wu Ren Yao, a kind-hearted nurse. The two of them became the couple managing the medical hall.

On the other hand, Lin hao also formed a friendship with Zeng Fan who had just returned from abroad after studying medicine. Then he also befriends He Xin Xin who is skilled in martial arts.

They all work together to cure patients and a mysterious story emerges related to the death of Lin hao’s parents. You have to look forward to the anticipated Chinese dramas in 2023.

  • Wonderland Of Love

One of the Chinese dramas in 2023 that you must watch, is Wonderland of Love. This drama tells of the emperor’s grandson Li Ni who is forced to guard the borders and has to put down rebellions that occur in his territory. Even though he was the grandson of an emperor, he never felt the affection of his father.

Because of that, he hid his identity and became a border generally. Until finally he met Cui Lin who was the daughter of General Cui Yi and they fell in love.

  • Choice Husband

This Chinese drama has a very interesting royal story background. Starting from the story of the daughter of the richest man in Yangzhou city, Shen Mia who is very beautiful and rich. But because of her beauty and wealth, no man dared to marry her.

Because many men think that their beauty is bad luck because many of their potential fiancées run away before the wedding. Finally, Shen Miao met Peu Yan Zen, a handsome young scholar in her country.

  • Perfect Mismatch

This Chinese drama tells the story of a medical student, Shi Hua Hua, who studies Chinese medicine. Until one day he met a CEO named Zhou Zhi Fei.
Their first meeting started with misunderstandings and endless arguments. Eventually, they got closer and got to know each other. For those of you who like romantic Chinese dramas, you can watch the Perfect Mismatch drama because the storyline is modern and makes anyone smile when they see it.

Chinese dramas are increasingly showing their popularity, even now they have lots of fans. Those are some Chinese dramas in 2023 that you have to look forward to this year. Look forward to the best Chinese drama stories that are suitable for watching every day.