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10 Most Anticipated Chinese Dramas in 2023

Chinese dramas have a lot of fans, no less than Korean dramas, now Chinese dramas are starting to be loved by many people from various countries, not only in Southeast Asia. Many fans are waiting for Chinese dramas in 2023 with more interesting storylines and popular drama actors.

Many people start watching Chinese dramas because the storyline is more interesting. Moreover, there are lots of genres that you can choose from, from romance, and fantasy to kingdom stories which are quite interesting.
Not surprisingly, Chinese drama fans are now starting to arrive from many countries in the world. Of course, there are lots of the latest Chinese dramas that you must watch in 2023.

The Most Anticipated Chinese Dramas in 2023

Entering 2023, many producers have started shooting many of the newest dramas that you have to look forward to. After being popular with many drama titles in 2022, now there are lots of new Chinese dramas that will be released in 2023.

What are the newest dramas that we must look forward to? Here are some Chinese drama titles and brief synopsis that you need to know:

  • Road Home

One of the Chinese dramas in 2023 that you should look forward to is Road Home. This drama is about someone from the past who wants to reunite. The story in this drama begins with ex-lovers who separated 10 years ago and they meet again.

The lovers, namely Lu Yan Chen and Gui Xiao, finally met again. Their separation started when Lu Yan Chen joined the police academy, then Gui Xiao experienced drastic changes in his family.

Their relationship finally ended and they met again after 8 years. The meeting made them realize that they still love and miss each other. Then two years later, Gui Xiao and his friend were stranded in a snowy border town.

  • My Lethal Man

This story begins with Shen Man Ning who meets Zhuang Xin Yang because of a kidnapping. They end up living as fiancés and figuring out unsolved cases for 17 years.

  • Meet Yourself

The next Chinese dramas in 2023 that you must watch is titled Meet Yourself. This drama tells the story of a woman named Xu Hong Dou who has worked in a hotel all her life. Then suddenly he felt a deep sense of calamity, starting from the death of his best friend to the increasingly difficult job.

His messy life forced him to take a break from the city and move to the small village of Yun Miao in Yunnan province. Here, he tries to find peace in life and meets people who are also looking for peace in life from their problems.

  • Lost You Forever

This Chinese drama has an ancient background that tells of demons, goddesses, and other mythical creatures that coexist with humans. This story tells of a daughter Gao Xin Jiu Yao who disguises herself as a male doctor named Wen Xiao Liu.

  • Love Heals

This drama tells of Ruan Liu Zheng who is a doctor in his hometown and meets his ex-husband. Because of their past, they finally decided to carry out a humanitarian mission in Africa.

  • The Furthest Distance

This romantic Chinese drama genre is suitable for those of you who like today’s romance stories. The Furthest Distance tells of a doctor named Qin Yun Sheng who needs an interior design to renovate his house.

Finally, he met with an interior designer who will help to renovate his house. Su Ying was an interior designer figure she met while on a home renovation reality show.

  • Wonderful Hand

This Chinese drama tells the story of a brave and skilled doctor Lin Hao. His job as a doctor requires him to work with Wu Ren Yao, a kind-hearted nurse. The two of them became the couple managing the medical hall.

On the other hand, Lin hao also formed a friendship with Zeng Fan who had just returned from abroad after studying medicine. Then he also befriends He Xin Xin who is skilled in martial arts.

They all work together to cure patients and a mysterious story emerges related to the death of Lin hao’s parents. You have to look forward to the anticipated Chinese dramas in 2023.

  • Wonderland Of Love

One of the Chinese dramas in 2023 that you must watch, is Wonderland of Love. This drama tells of the emperor’s grandson Li Ni who is forced to guard the borders and has to put down rebellions that occur in his territory. Even though he was the grandson of an emperor, he never felt the affection of his father.

Because of that, he hid his identity and became a border generally. Until finally he met Cui Lin who was the daughter of General Cui Yi and they fell in love.

  • Choice Husband

This Chinese drama has a very interesting royal story background. Starting from the story of the daughter of the richest man in Yangzhou city, Shen Mia who is very beautiful and rich. But because of her beauty and wealth, no man dared to marry her.

Because many men think that their beauty is bad luck because many of their potential fiancées run away before the wedding. Finally, Shen Miao met Peu Yan Zen, a handsome young scholar in her country.

  • Perfect Mismatch

This Chinese drama tells the story of a medical student, Shi Hua Hua, who studies Chinese medicine. Until one day he met a CEO named Zhou Zhi Fei.
Their first meeting started with misunderstandings and endless arguments. Eventually, they got closer and got to know each other. For those of you who like romantic Chinese dramas, you can watch the Perfect Mismatch drama because the storyline is modern and makes anyone smile when they see it.

Chinese dramas are increasingly showing their popularity, even now they have lots of fans. Those are some Chinese dramas in 2023 that you have to look forward to this year. Look forward to the best Chinese drama stories that are suitable for watching every day.

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9 Best Free Sites to Watch C-Drama

Chinese dramas are now starting to rise and attract a lot of interest from drama lovers. The storylines that are presented also have many genres and also storylines that are no less interesting than Korean dramas. Unfortunately, it’s still quite difficult to find Chinese dramas with good subtitles.

Do you still remember the Chinese drama Meteor Garden with 4 handsome men with the nickname F4 which was popular in the 2000s? The whole world was excited about it, there are even lots of F4 versions of dramas from each country, including Indonesia and Korea with their version of F4 in a drama called Boys over Flowers.

Even though until now the popularity of C-dramas cannot be compared to Korean dramas, at this time many sites or websites have started providing services to watch C-dramas even for free. This will really help you kill time or help you to reduce your stress level due to work problems, and in the end, it will impact your mental health, and of course, this is very good right?

For those of you who are starting to be interested in C-drama, here are some sites, websites, or applications that you can use as references, or you can also try Googling to be able to find more and interesting references.

1. iQYi

You probably won’t find a complete list of C-dramas here, but you can still find C-dramas that were popular at the time, so this will be quite healing.

iQYi provides services for VIP customers and free users. The difference is only in the speed of updating the latest episodes, as a free user you may have seen that the updated drama is already available, but those who can watch it live are VIP users, while free users need to wait a few days. This is a good site because it’s legal and the subtitles update pretty fast.

2. WeTV

These are other legal applications and websites that provide C-drama viewing services that you can choose from, you will also be provided with a large selection of dramas from various other countries such as Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, and also anime.

WeTV also provides services for VIP users and free users, but you need to know that all shows there will turn into free shows if the shows are over, so you just need to be more patient so you can enjoy the drama of your choice for free without subscription fees.

3. Viki Rakuten

This application or website also allows you to watch dramas with good-quality English subtitles. The best thing that you can find here is that this application was made with the help of C-drama fans who provide accurate and good subtitles so that they are easy to understand.

You can already enjoy the latest dramas that are equipped with subtitles. Some drama choices do require a Viki pass to watch, but still, there are the best drama choices that are still available without requiring a Viki pass.

4. NewAsianTV

This website will provide you with lots of dramas, from the newest to even the old ones, so you could say that the drama collection is complete and you can be confused by the many interesting choices. Dramas are also available in English, Hindi, Telugu, and Bengali.

This is the right website for those of you who love modern or historical Chinese dramas. But you are advised to install an ad blocker so you can avoid pop-up ad attacks which really interfere with your satisfaction in watching dramas.

5. KissAsian

For those of you who love K-dramas, C-dramas, anime, and Japanese TV shows, of course, you are no strangers to this website. You are lucky enough to find it because it allows you access to the latest and greatest content.

6. Dramacool

This web is also one of the most visited by K-drama and C-drama lovers. Just by entering it, you will get access to view a lot of interesting and updated content.

There are a lot of dramas from various years and even the newest are available on this site. If a drama is released, then you will find that it is available on Dramacool in no time and subtitles will be available 24 hours after, and the picture quality is also good.

You can also find references in Google where you are provided with many complete choices that can make you interested.

  1. Asian Crush

This is the site that is most loved by C-drama lovers because this site will provide so much content that seems endless and also the picture quality and subtitles are good. You also won’t be bothered by the many pop-ads that make a lot of people angry and annoyed by it.

8. Fall Drama

This is one of the best drama-watching websites. You can enjoy various types of films from various countries, including enjoying C-dramas. You can also get subtitles quickly and in good quality.

You will not be charged anything when streaming or downloading film content from there, whenever and wherever you are. You will be provided with a feature that can separate films based on the category you want to make searching easier. The quality of the images is also beyond doubt and deserves to be loved by many lovers of Korean and Chinese dramas and dramas from other countries.

9. YouTube

Actually, YouTube is not a drama provider as imagined, but because YouTube has become a huge platform for enhanced promotion; so many legal movie or drama producers make their official channel to upload their drama on this site.

The problem is that YouTube usually does not provide good and appropriate subtitles so this is quite annoying.

Those are some web and application recommendations for watching your favorite C-drama with various advantages and disadvantages, the most important thing is that all of these websites are available with free services that can make you relax at home without spending money. You can also find other references by Googling, and you can find additional references that you might not be able to find elsewhere.

Best Method to Learn Chinese by Yourself

Language is fundamental in our lives because with the language we can understand each other’s context when we socialize or communicate with other people. We of course already know that in this world there are millions of languages that are actively used, starting from the national language of each country, regional languages, indigenous languages, ethnic languages, and many more. Even language development also affects the addition of new vocabulary due to the influence of cultural developments.

Talking further about international coverage, mastering a foreign language is also a very good skill and must be mastered. It is commonly known that the current international language is English, but people are increasingly aware of the importance of mastering multiple languages, and one of the most studied languages is Chinese.

As a country, China is the country with the largest population in the world and speaking ethnically, Chinese are also the dominant ethnicity so almost every country in the world has people of Chinese descent. So it is natural that this has an effect on the massive use of Chinese throughout the world.

Steps to Learn Chinese

One of the goals of learning Chinese is to expand opportunities in the world of work, this adds to the list of reasons why people need to learn Chinese for their development. There are already many Chinese language courses available, even near your home. However, for those of you who don’t want to spend money on it, here are some ways to learn Chinese on your own.

1. Understand Pinyin first

If taken literally, Pinyin means the spelling of sounds or forms of writing with Roman letters for the way of pronouncing or reading Chinese characters.

2. Understand the tones in Mandarin

This is unique to Mandarin, where tone greatly influences meaning. The same word with a different tone of pronunciation will have a different meaning. It is generally known that there are 4 pronunciation tones in Mandarin, namely rising tones, curved tones, flat tones, and descending tones.

Not everyone can understand this difference in tone because it is quite difficult, even people who are proficient in Mandarin can also use the wrong tone it should.

3. Learn simple vocabulary

This is one of the tips that actually apply to the process of learning other foreign languages. You can start learning simple vocabulary that is widely used in your daily life, for example, the words house, eat, run, walk, rice, and many others.

So that you can remember more maturely, you can also make notes about the Chinese vocabulary that you have learned before. As long as you record vocabulary, without you realizing it you are already doing a repetition of vocabulary whose rhythm is the same as memorizing. If you forget the easy vocabulary you can also use these notes to help you refresh your vocabulary memory.

4. Memorize numbers and count

For those of you who are learning Mandarin with the aim of studying or traveling, it is mandatory for you to learn numbers and how to count. This is because later you will need it to streamline the transaction process when you use public transportation or when buying goods and needs. For example at airports, bus terminals, public transportation, markets, supermarkets, and so on.

Memorizing numbers in Mandarin is easier than other vocabulary words. For starters, you can learn from the numbers 1 to 10, and for the next number pronunciation, it will be easier because it uses a lot of repetition and only changes the back part.

5. Understand the structure of Chinese sentences

This is also the same for any foreign language learning process. Studying sentence structure will greatly help in understanding the intended context. But this is the most difficult stage when learning Mandarin. But when you have mastered it well, your learning process will be much easier in the future. Sentence structure is generally in the form of a subject, predicate, object, and placement of information according to needs.

6. Looking for things related to Mandarin

Then after you have learned the basics, then you can sharpen your skills with things related to Mandarin. For example, films or shows then mobile applications or books for learning Mandarin.

Those are some ways to learn Mandarin independently; I hope they are useful and helpful.

Watching Movies Will Benefit Our Mental Health

Many of us may only think of watching movies as a hobby to just pass the time. But in reality, watching movies can actually provide more benefits than one might imagine. One of them is to maintain your mental health.

So how does it work when movies can improve mental health? Movies can be quite an effective diversion. This happens when a person can be carried away by the atmosphere and storyline contained in a film for duration of several hours, and during the duration of the film, your attention will be momentarily distracted and not constantly thinking about life’s problems. In fact, according to research, this kind of pause is meaningful enough to rest your heart and mind.

However, this diversion is only temporary, so it doesn’t mean that you then completely forget about the problem that you really should solve. In fact, watching movies of a certain duration and genre can refresh your brain so you can work better again.

Watching Movie to Express Yourself

Most people would prefer to hide or dissolve in solitude when they are feeling frustrated or in a bad mental state. We know that it’s no better than watching a movie, by watching a movie you can be more entertained and forget about your problems for a while.

Watching movies might be able to help you to able to express pent-up expressions all this time, the way is by watching a film genre that is related to your life story or even choosing a film that can improve your mood, and also gives you a good inspiration to improve your mood and your quality of life. This happens because you can see many different perspectives conveyed in the film you watch.

It is undeniable that one of the benefits of movies for mental health is that movies can reduce the excessive stress that you might be experiencing and elevate your chaotic mood.

We have faced many kinds of challenges or pressures that we inevitably face in our daily lives, such as pressure at work, situations in the family that may not be good, problems with debt, monthly income, and so on. So refreshing and entertaining yourself is a wise choice.

Choose Comedy Movie is the Best Way

We can choose the genre of comedy film which is very clear will be able to improve our mood because we have also heard a lot that laughing out loud because of the influence of the comedy shown in the film can increase the hormones that create a feeling of happiness in the heart.

Indeed, fact, watching movies in the comedy genre is the most effective way and is mostly done by people who are looking for short entertainment. But you can also watch movies that can inspire you, for example about the story of a character’s struggle to achieve success or movies with superhero themes that can increase your heroism to help others, and you can see problems from another side.

Sometimes You Better Crying

You can also try the opposite way, namely by watching a film with a melodrama genre that will drain your tears. There is also research that states that tears are also very effective in providing relief to the heart. This can be supported by the selection of film genres with family themes, sadness, or those that are similar to the life story you are currently living.

When you feel entertained or distracted by the storyline of the film, you can also get a relaxing effect that you may not have noticed. As long as you don’t get too carried away and get too caught up in the storyline and know full well that this is just your way of having a relaxing effect on your brain and body, and then there won’t be any problems.

Do Not Be Too Into It

But it can also be a problem when you get too carried away and even the plot of the movie you are watching actually changes your mood for the worse because your feelings are swayed by the storyline, especially if the storyline is a romance drama or more like a melodrama. So it’s important to still understand the boundaries.

Those are some of the benefits of watching movies for mental health and reducing your anxiety, I hope the reviews above are useful and can inspire you in choosing the appropriate film genre.

5 Activities to Avoid Boredom on Weekend

If you are bored with yourself while you are on weekend, not knowing what to do, after finishing your job on a weekday, then you might want to see a few ideas on what you should do on your weekend. From going on exercise and activities, or just going lazy and watching online dramas, reading some books, or going to play a game, it is your weekend after all, and your rights

If you are bored and not knowing what to do about your weekend, then you might have come to the right place. Here we have compiled some tips to avoid boredom on the weekend.

Here Are Some Great Activities You Can Do At Home To Your Boredom

There are many ways that you can do to spend your weekend, even when you are at home. There are many things to do or planned to do.

If you are still unsure about what to do, how about we recommend you find some hobbies, such as playing some sports, creating a DIY project, reading, or simply watching some movies? So, in short, you can touch some grass, and get some life while you are on weekend.

  • Watching movies and dramas: It is always fun to watch movies, and dramas, especially some Chinese, Korean, and Japanese dramas. They can be fun to watch, and a great way to spend your time on. Nonetheless, it is a good way to spend your weekend and to avoid boredom on yourself, so you can try out watching dramas, as well as movies here on our website as well.

Watching dramas can also be beneficial, such as giving you more cultural insight, learning about a new language, as well as cultural knowledge, such as with the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures. Therefore, you might want to give try on trying on watching new TV series and movies.

  • Get creative: Try something new like painting, drawing, pottery, or writing. You can also take a cooking class, learn a new language or try a new recipe. There are always the best ways to spend your time on the weekend, trying on new productive things, will give you a better way to spend your time, as well as improve yourself further.

If you don’t know what to do to become more productive, you can create your DIY projects, read new books, as well as cooking classes. You can find some inspiration on what novel to read, search for some novels review on Cnovelholic or even write your own novels, and many more.

  • Get active: Take a fitness class, go for a run, bike ride, or swim. You can also play sports or try a new workout routine. If you don’t have time on exercising when you are on a weekday, due to the high amount of work and stress, then the weekend is the best way to exercise. If this is your probably first time getting active, you can try some easy exercises, such as jogging, cycling, or running.
  • Spend time with friends and family: Have a game night, go out for a meal or coffee, or plan a picnic in the park. You can also catch up with friends and family over the phone or via video call. It is always a great way to spend your time with your friends and family, money can always be searched for and always get on your job, but time with your family is more precious than that, and wouldn’t get back by any means.
  • Volunteer or give back: Give back to your community by volunteering at a local charity or non-profit organization. This is a great way to help others and make a positive impact while also avoiding boredom.

So, There Are Still Many More You Can Try On Your Weekend

There are always many things that you can do to try on your weekend. If you decide to become more productive, try to spend your time getting more active, as well as more productive, then you can try on spending your time on active projects, such as creating DIY projects, reading new books, writing new chapters on your novel, or trying to learn cooking.

If you want to spend your weekend just relaxing, trying to unwind after weekdays of hard work, you can always try to spend your time, just relaxing at your home, watching some movies or dramas, watching TV series, playing some games, or generally to relax on your home, doing nothing.

How to Choose Romance Drama

Romance drama has been always a good hit in the world of soap operas, and live movies. With so many different romance dramas that always has comes out every year, not only Korean dramas but also Chinese and Japanese dramas. A lot of Chinese and Korean dramas have been greatly watched in the last year, and therefore many people have been seeing them more than ever.

Tips To Choose Romance Drama, Including Chinese And Korean Drama

If you are bored, have nothing to do, and wanting for the best recommendation about what romance dramas you can watch, first, you need to understand how you should choose a romance drama to watch. So here are some tips for choosing a romance drama:

Read reviews and watch trailers: Before choosing a drama, be sure to read reviews from other viewers and watch trailers to get a sense of the show’s overall tone and plot.

Consider the lead actors and actresses: The lead actors and actresses can have a big impact on the overall enjoyment of the show, so it’s important to choose a drama that features actors and actresses that you enjoy watching.

Look for a well-written script: A well-written script is essential for a good romantic drama, so be sure to choose a show that has received positive reviews for its writing.

Check the ratings: Look at the ratings of the drama, it will give you an idea of the audience’s general opinion of the drama.

Consider the length: Some romance dramas can be quite long, so if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to watching a show, you may want to choose a shorter series.

Here Are Some Recommendations For Romance Dramas

To get you the best idea of romance dramas recommendation, then here are a few of the recommendations on Romance dramas. These are some of the most highly-rated romance dramas out there, and most of them can be seen, downloaded, and watch online here on our website. So, here are the top 5 recommendations of romance dramas that you can pick and watch anytime.

  • “Eternal Love” also known as “Three Lives, Three Worlds, and The Pillow Book” is a fantasy romance drama that tells the story of a goddess and a mortal who is reincarnated and falls in love.
  • “A Love So Beautiful” is a coming-of-age romantic drama that follows the relationship between two childhood friends who fall in love in high school.
  • “Meteor Garden” is a classic romantic drama that tells the story of a poor girl who falls in love with a wealthy and popular boy.
  • “Love 020” is a romance drama that might seem mainstream and boring at first, but the story and the plot would have created a better sitcom. It is the story of a girl who met a boy that she met online and then slowly fall in love with him.
  • “Go Go Squid!” is a romance drama that tells the story of two people who fall in love while pursuing their dreams in the competitive world of professional gaming.

Remember, when choosing a drama, it’s important to find something those appeals to your taste and preferences. So, take your time and enjoy the journey of finding the perfect drama for you. If you are watching with partners, then you might take as well consideration about their personal preferences, as well as what genres you and your partner would enjoy.

Whatever your genre is, there might be always some enjoyable genres and things that are always for everyone, from the romance genres, as well as comedy, historical dramas, horror, and many more.

Why Chinese Dramas are Probably the Best

Chinese dramas, also known as “C-dramas,” are quickly becoming some of the most popular television shows in the world. With compelling storylines, talented actors, and beautiful cinematography, it’s no wonder why these shows are capturing the hearts of audiences everywhere. Whether you’re a fan of romance, action, or historical dramas, there’s a Chinese drama out there for you.

Not only are they good for entertainment but it also helps to improve language and cultural understanding. So why not give a Chinese drama a chance and see for yourself why they’re quickly becoming must-watch television? Chinese drama is also a good way to entertain yourself, especially if you are on the verge of boredom in your house, or when you don’t have anything to do on the weekend.

The Benefits Of Watching Chinese Drama

Chinese dramas offer a wealth of benefits for viewers, making them a fascinating and enjoyable form of entertainment. One of the main benefits is the opportunity to improve language skills, as Chinese dramas feature native speakers using the language in context, allowing viewers to pick up new vocabulary and grammar.

Additionally, Chinese dramas offer a unique window into Chinese culture and customs, allowing viewers to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the country and its people. For example, Some Chinese drama also has a historical background in them, like the era of warring kingdoms, and the era of the mid-1990s in China, which gives us a cultural glimpse of how Chinese history.

Another benefit of Chinese dramas is their entertainment value, as they are known for their compelling storylines, talented actors, and beautiful cinematography. Chinese dramas often deal with complex emotions and relationships, which can be relatable and emotionally engaging for viewers.

Additionally, Chinese dramas come in a variety of genres, including romance, action, historical, and comedy, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Most of these genres have a cult following on them, such as romance, action, etc. If you have preferable genres over the other, then it is fine, if you want to search for the best from each genre, then you have come to the right place.

Lastly, Chinese dramas offer a different perspective on the world and stories that may not be seen in Western dramas, it allows the viewer to be exposed to new stories and perspectives. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why Chinese dramas are so interesting and enjoyable to watch.

The Benefits Of Watching Chinese Dramas For Yourself

Believe it or not, watching Chinese drama has several benefits, such as broadening your understanding of Chinese culture, and getting more emotional engagement is also healthy for you. It gives you a lot more entertainment, as well as some benefits on it cultural and language knowledge. Chinese drama would be the perfect way to enjoy your free time, Watching Chinese dramas offers several benefits, including:

  • Language learning: Chinese dramas are a great way to improve your language skills, as you can hear native speakers using the language in context and pick up new vocabulary and grammar.
  • Cultural understanding: Chinese dramas offer a window into Chinese culture and customs, allowing viewers to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the country and its people.
  • Emotional engagement: Chinese dramas often deal with complex emotions and relationships, which can be relatable and emotionally engaging for viewers.
  • Variety: Chinese dramas come in a variety of genres, including romance, action, historical, and comedy, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Exposure to new stories and perspectives: Chinese dramas offer a different perspective on the world and stories that may not be seen in Western dramas.
  • Entertainment value: Chinese dramas are known for their compelling storylines, talented actors, and beautiful cinematography, making them highly entertaining to watch.

Where You Can Download Top Chinese Drama?

If you want to download top Chinese drama, in every genre, from action, romance, history, a slice of life, horror, etc. then you have come to the right place. Here, you can download top Chinese dramas that have been highly rated by many films and movies rating, from IMDB, and Netflix. You can download, and watch online about the Top Chinese dramas here without needing to pay.

To download the Chinese drama, you can first search for your desired drama titles, and what you want to watch. You can also search for your desired genres as well and see our top picks and recommendation. After that, you can choose to watch it online, or download it. Watch online in various resolution quality, from 480p to 1440p or full HD. You can always download it for free without the need for payment.

Keep in mind, that some of the newer dramas wouldn’t have higher quality, and would only be provided in at least 480p or handcam, especially if it is the newer movies.