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If attending the service in-person, please wear a face and practice social distancing.

Watch Recorded Sermons

  • Worship Nov. 14th 2021 (11/14/2021) - Worship Nov. 14th 2021
  • What is church? (11/5/2021) - What is Church ?    
  • Where is God? (10/31/2021) - Where is God? Ever ask yourself that? Many if not most of us have. Today we looked at part of Job's story as we turned to Job chapter 23. We talked about mental illness and talked about where to get help. Rob Weckler led us off with that and then Gina shared her perspective. Our morning message was followed by our personal sharing and then we concluded with Lynne's playing a great number for the day "Toccata in D Minor" - be sure to watch it to the end. If the service is helpful and or you know someone who is asking "where is God?" I hope you will share a link to today's service. Thanks
  • Worship October 17th “Mistaken Identities” (10/17/2021) - Worship October 17th - Gina Swinney led us and preached. Gina spoke on "Mistaken Identities" and her message made a real impact on all present. Thanks for checking us out - please pass this service and her message along in your social media.
  • Worship Oct 10 2021 (10/10/2021) - Today what is in a name? Sometimes more than meets the eye. Join us as we look at the story of Jacob wrestling with an angel / God which has him wrestling with who he is and who he will choose to become.