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Watch Recorded Sermons

  • Joseph, Mary and Jesus Fleeing for their Lives (12/27/2020) - We gathered this morning in the safety of our homes and looked at how quickly the new born Jesus was no longer safe. Before he turns two, the holy family needs to flee to Egypt to escape the clutches of Herod. What can we learn from this story that gives us such an abrupt change from the Christmas Eve story we read less that 48 hours ago?
  • Christmas Eve Service (12/24/2020) - Did you have a great Christmas Eve? We did and I want to share it now with you. This is from our 4pm service. If you can access the internet count your blessings. The babe in the manger lived a life full of God's presence and connected to those often spurned by society. As a people of faith that is the way we too shall find life.....
  • Community and Connection (12/20/2020) - The power of moments - the power of community and connection all come together in the stories of Elizabeth and Mary. Journey with us this fourth Sunday in Advent as we continue to wait for the coming ray of hope and sunshine we know as baby Jesus. Thanks for being a part. Here is how it unfolded 0:00 Organ Prelude and Our Guiding Theme by Gina Swinney 4:30 Lighting of the Advent Candles and our Sanctuary Singers “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” 10:00 Community Prayer and Organ Medley 20:30 Scripture Read and Sermon 44:30 Supporting the ministry / Solo and Organ Postlude
  • Fear – Fear Not (12/13/2020) - Worship today December 13th. We are thankful we can post today's service here for you. We had a full day centered around the theme of Fear - Fear Not. We had our opening then a special musical number by Winds off the Lake and Advent candles at 4 minutes. Our congregational song and prayer time began at 9 minutes. The scripture reading was 18 minutes in followed by the sermon at 23. At 42 minutes in another Winds off the Lake and our stewardship moment then 46 minutes in our final special music followed by a postlude.... There you have it... If you find it helpful and meaningful I hope you will share it with others in your social media.
  • Sunday Worship – November 29, Advent One (11/29/2020) - This morning we were blessed to start off our Advent / Christmas season with Claudine Cappelle-Harig playing the harp as a part of our music series. Today was also the first day of using our new audio visual equipment.Finding hope in the darkness was what we talked about….Thanks for watching. If you find it helpful it means a lot to us to have you share this in your social media feed. Have a great week. Stay safe and please be considerate of others by wearing a mask and keeping your distance from others.