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If attending the service in-person, please wear a face and practice social distancing.

Watch Recorded Sermons

  • Sunday Worship Feb. 28th, Learning from Jobs life (3/16/2021) -
  • Jesus Power to Heal & Include (2/21/2021) - Today was a great day. We took a look at the healing power of Jesus as he encountered a man with leprosy. We looked at how people are excluded from the community of faith and how like Jesus we are to be fully welcoming.  
  • Ash Wednesday 2021 (2/17/2021) - Interesting to do Ash Wednesday without ashes, but we did. What do ashes point to? Ashes point to our brokenness and our need for healing and redemption. Those were our themes for last night. I hope you watch and if you find it helpful please share a link in your social media.
  • Worship Sunday February 14th (2/14/2021) - The word of the day - Transfiguration. That's a big word..... May I explain, we gathered together this morning and talked about mountain top experiences and "thin places." Those places where we experience the presence of the holy in a very special way. Our day was a little challenging technologically and so you may notice some abrupt changes..... Some post editing was done...... We trust you will still our time together and if you do if you will share this post in your social media thread with others, we hope they will also. And it was scout Sunday, like many things it was celebrated remotely
  • Worship February 7th – Light (2/7/2021) - The word of the day -- Light. We so appreciate when someone points out the light in us..... that is a warm fuzzy. All the better when we are able to shine the light into other lives. Is your light shining? Are you helping make the world a better place? Are you looking for places to shine a light to snuff out darkness? That is what we talked about today. Thanks for reading. Thanks for watching. If you find todays service helpful please share it in your social media streams so that others might benefit as well. If there is anything, we can do for you please drop me an email at kagoffice@earthlink.net. Blessings on your days.