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Watch Recorded Sermons

  • Worship Sunday, January 24th – The Power of Words (1/24/2021) - Good day. We been reminded again of the power of words. They are used to divide and harm and they are also used for healing and justice. Join us as we look at the power of words. If you find the service helpful please feel free to pass it along in your social media.
  • Sunday Worship, January 17 2021 – Dr. MLK Day (1/17/2021) - This morning we looked at and were challenged by the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A timeless prophet needed today as ever before. Thanks for checking out the service. If you want to jump to any portion, our opening is at 2 minutes; "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" is at the 9 minute mark; gathered prayer at 12; morning scripture at 19; the sermon begins at 22 minutes; "We Shall Overcome" at 44; and our opportunity to give and closing at the 48 minute mark. If you find todays service meaningful please give us a follow, a thumbs up and we love it when you share the service on your home page.
  • The truth – can we handle it? (1/10/2021) - The truth - can we handle it? Jesus tells us that the truth will set us free. But as Jack Nicholson asks, "can we handle the truth?" We also celebrated communion using the John Wesley Covenant Service. If you are so inclined grab some bread and juice and join in. If you want to jump ahead to the sermon hop to the 18 minute mark. If you find todays service helpful / meaningful please share it on your social media posts.
  • Sunday worship January 3rd (1/3/2021) - We gathered this morning in the safety of our homes and Gina Swinney talked with us about the healing power of love. Our text for the day was Luke 10:25‚Äč-37 and as always Gina did a marvelous job in leading us into the healing power of God. Check it out you will be glad you did. Again....Please help us out by sharing our social media posts on your time line. And "follow" us on FB and YouTube. Each "Like" goes a long way to help our church expand our outreach.
  • Joseph, Mary and Jesus Fleeing for their Lives (12/27/2020) - We gathered this morning in the safety of our homes and looked at how quickly the new born Jesus was no longer safe. Before he turns two, the holy family needs to flee to Egypt to escape the clutches of Herod. What can we learn from this story that gives us such an abrupt change from the Christmas Eve story we read less that 48 hours ago?