Nov 7 Update

Don’t get confused. Remember tomorrow we are at 10:15 for our Sunday morning zoom worship. It’s going to be a great day.
There has been so much going on this week. I look forward to sending you pictures and an update at the start of next week….. St. Paul’s has moved in and brought some of their warmth and tradition. We have a big update to our audio visual and streaming capabilities….. So much… I will catch you up soon.
Tomorrow we begin with Psalm 72. It talks of the importance of a just King. And what a just King does, the responsibilities of a just King — helps the needy the poor, the weak. Pretty important…. in our world we can substitute president.
Matthew 25 is about responsibility and how it relates to fear. Fear can paralyze us and it can paralyze the church. Fear of change, fear of the other…. Love seeks out truth Jesus tells us that elsewhere but fear looks for safe quarters.
That’s where we are headed tomorrow……
Here is the zoom link for our Sunday 10:15 gathering…..
At 10:15 we will begin our virtual zoom service. The sanctuary is open to those who wish to be in the sanctuary while the zoom service takes place.
If you wish to call in +1.312.626.6799 then enter meeting ID ,, 847 8906 6391
Remember if you come to our on-site gathering at 10:15…. Please wear a face and practice social distancing. I love to see those who are attending.
Pastor Kurt
Joys and Concerns
If you would like to share a joy or concern ahead of time please respond to this email.
Pastor Kurt

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