Nov 29th Update

Look what made the Front Page of last Monday’s Herald…. Your church did… How neat is that. 
Okay on to tomorrow…. We have our annual visit with Claudine Cappelle-Harig who plays the harp. Claudine will play some solo material and she and Bryan will play a duet.
Also, tomorrow we are planning on using our new audio visual sanctuary set up which will make your home zoom experience just that much better.
Here is the zoom link for tomorrow….  
Join Zoom Meeting
Remember, because of the training on the new a/v equipment and the others participating in the service there is no general seating tomorrow. 
Also, because of the upsurge in the virus we are now limited to ten people in the sanctuary. To reserve your place for December 6th you may call anytime after 12pm tomorrow. Call 815-385-0931 X 101 to reserve your place. We can accept the first 7 places… sorry we don’t make the rules / guidelines…… Why 7 and not 10? Because there are three of us who are a part of the service and we count towards the 10……
Tomorrow is Advent 1 – Advent is a time of waiting… something we might have some familiarity with this year. We will ask – ‘where are you finding hope’?
I hope you can join us live but if not I will get the service posted on Facebook and YouTube somewhere around 2pm. I send out that information when it becomes available.
Joys and Concerns
If you would like to share a joy or concern ahead of time please respond to this email.
Pastor Kurt

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